A great criminal defense attorney is not made overnight, or even in three years of law school.  It takes years and years of practical experience, going into Court day after day and fighting the fight.  The attorneys at Rigney Law have already put the work in, and can put those years of experience to work for you.  When your liberty is at stake, the quality of your attorney may be the difference between prison and freedom.  No attorney can guarantee your result, but you can count on the attorneys at Rigney Law to see all the issues, and stand and fight to preserve your rights, whenever necessary.


Of course, even the most experienced criminal defense attorneys will fail if they aren't willing to put in the work for their clients.  At Rigney Law, we understand that excellence in the Courtroom starts with effort behind the scenes and a willingness to put in the time necessary to put our clients in the best position possible.  When preparation is the key to your success, the attorneys at Rigney Law will come in early, work late, and do anything else to put our clients in the best position possible.

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