One sentence caselaw review

At the Law Office of Jacob Rigney, we pride ourselves on making complicated legal situations simple.  As evidence, we present another episode of our one-sentence caselaw review.  We read an entire legal opinion and boil it down to one sentence for you.  Today's musical accompaniment is here.

Citizens Action Coalition v. Koch (13 pages)

The Courts will not intervene when a state legislator refuses to provide his e-mails pursuant to a public access request because to do so would be an unconstitutional intrusion on the legislative process.

Hitch v. State (19 pages)

The statute prohibiting those convicted of crimes of domestic violence is not so punitive in nature as to invoke the Constitutional requirement of proof beyond a reasonable doubt; and Hitch, in fact, did commit a crime of domestic violence.

Horton v. State (12 pages)

A Defendant must personally waive his right to jury, his attorney cannot do it on his behalf; and a Court may take judicial notice of its own file without making it a part of the appellate record, although that is not the preferred method.


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