One sentence caselaw review

Business has picked up, so it's been awhile, but I found some time today to blog again.  I will once again take a complicated legal appeals opinion and boil it down to one sentence.  Enjoy.  Today's musical accompaniment is here.

Mid America Sound v. Indiana State Fair Commission (11 pages)

Indiana Courts will not construe boilerplate indemnity language in a contract to apply retroactively to harm that has already occurred, unless the parties' unequivocally indicate as much.

Keller v. State (8 pages)

A trial Court erred when instructing a jury that the legal definition of dwelling included a structure in which a person intended to live in the near future.

Zionsville v. Whitestown (22 pages)

A town can annex and assume the powers of a township, including the right to subsequently combine with another township, and if a town or township has resolved to do so, a different town cannot subsequently annex that same territory.

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