One sentence caselaw review

At the Law Office of Jacob Rigney, we strive to make complicated legal situations simple.  In keeping with that tradition, we once again offer our blog, a one-sentence caselaw review.  The rules are simple, we read an entire legal opinion and boil it down to one sentence for you.  Today's musical accompaniment can be enjoyed here.

Boyer v. Cassidy (8 pages)

Suing a person who lives in Indiana does not create sufficient minimum contacts with Indiana to allow that person to sue the attorney in Indiana.

Anderson v. Gaudin (11 pages)

County commissioners may effectively abolish a fire district by way of an ordinance that cuts all of its funding.

Gibson v. State (2 pages)

Pulling a person to the ground is not sufficient evidence to convict a person for confinement by removal from one place to another.

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