One sentence caselaw review

At the Law Office of Jacob Rigney, we make complicated things simple.  In keeping with that theme, we present another edition of "one sentence caselaw review," where we read an entire appellate decision and boil it down to one sentence for you.  Today's accompanying music is brought to you by the random tune on my iTunes genius shuffle.

Markey v. Estate of Markey (10 pages)

A claim of breach of contract regarding an agreement to not revoke wills is a "claim" for the purposes of the probate code.

Sistrunk v. State (5 pages)

Robbing one person with a gun and confining another person with the gun, during the same robbery, is not the same offense, and both crimes can be enhanced by the use of the same deadly weapon.

In Re the Visitation of L-A. D. W. (17 pages)

Grandparental visitation rights are subject to very fact specific dynamics and trial court decisions on those matters will be given deference.


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