Another one sentence case law review

Here's another one-sentence case law review.  The rules haven't changed:  I read an entire appellate opinion and boil it down to one sentence for you.  Enjoy.

In re W.B. and I.B (11 pages)

It is illegal for a person convicted of Neglect of a Dependent as a felony to adopt, even if that adoption would be in the child's best interests; and the statute making that the case is not unconstitutional.

K.S. v. Workforce Development (8 pages)

A person is not entitled to unemployment compensation for leaving job voluntarily due to a mere fear of potential domestic violence or due to a claimed physical disability that does not appear to have prevented the person from working.

State v. Stevens (10 pages)

Police may rely on out of state criminal history information from their computer to support probable cause for an arrest, and no further investigation is required.

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