One sentence case law review

At The Law Office of Jacob Rigney, we make complicated legal issues simple.  In furtherance of that mission, we present another installment of "one sentence case law review," where we read an entire criminal opinion and boil it down to one sentence of law.  Here it goes again.

State v. Vanderkolk (8 pages)

A probationer or community corrections participant may consent to warrantless or even suspicionless searches of their residence as a condition of participation in the program.

State Farm v. Earl (10 pages)

Evidence of the existence and amount of a recovery cap is admissible at trial if it is relevant.

Griffith v. State (14 pages)

A witness may be impeached by extrinsic evidence of a prior inconsistent statement if they have been or will be given an opportunity to explain or deny the statement; and there is no legally required order in which these events must occur at trial.


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