One sentence case law review

At the Law Office of Jacob Rigney, we make complicated issues simple to understand.  As a reflection of that, we present one-sentence case law reviews.  We read an entire opinion and recite it as one sentence of easier-to-understand law.  

State v. Zerbe (13 pages)

If you are required to register as a sex offender in one state, you will have to register in Indiana for the same amount of time, no matter when you committed the offense.

Zamani v. State (28 pages)

The Court can deny you the opportunity to claim insanity if you wait until the week before the trial to raise it; and a prosecutor can point out the lack of contradictory evidence in closing argument.

Huber v. Hamilton (17 pages)

A contract regarding real estate must be in writing and additional oral agreements won't be enforced unless a party reasonably relies on the agreement to their detriment.

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