One sentence case law review

At the law office of Jacob Rigney, we pride ourselves on making complicated legal issues simple.  Here's another example, a one-sentence case law review.  We read a whole case and boil it down to one sentence for you.  

B.M. v. J.R and M.R. (10 pages)

If you want to file an objection when someone petitions to adopt your child, you have to do it within 30 days of receiving notice of the petition.

James Beasley v. State (28 pages)

An admission that a person shot someone under circumstances that indicate self-defense is not a "statement against interest for the purposes of the hearsay rules; and the dismissal of a juror who recognized a Defendant's supporter in the gallery and knew him to be dangerous was the proper remedy, even though she relayed that knowledge to the rest of the jurors.

Wells v. State (13 pages)

Miranda warnings are unnecessary for a Defendant who was out of custody when he admitted to murder, and being on home detention does not qualify as being "in custody;" and attempts to have a witness killed are relevant and admissible.

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