One sentence case law review

At the Law Office of Jacob Rigney, we pride ourselves on making complicated legal issues simple.  As such, we present another installment of our one sentence case law review.  The rules are simple, we read an entire opinion and boil the law down to one occasionally long sentence.  Here we go.

Babchuk v. IU Health (7 pages)

If a Defendant files a motion to dismiss for failure to proceed on the claim and the Plaintiff files a motion consistent with going forward on the same day, the Defendant's motion to dismiss should be denied.

Street v. State (17 pages)

If you break into someone's house, shoot them, and steal their marijuana, hide the gun in your pants and then take a nap with your girlfriend's children, you can (only) be convicted of A-Felony Burglary, C-Felony Robbery, B-Misdemeanor Battery, and D-Felony Neglect of a Dependent.

Devereux v. Love (24 pages)

If an attorney (William Conour, in this case) steals money from his clients, those clients can only sue the other attorneys on their case if the clients can show the other attorneys knew or should have known the thefts were going on.

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