One sentence case law review

At the law office of Jacob Rigney, we pride ourselves on making complicated legal issues simple.  As such, we hereby present a new feature of our new blog:  one sentence case law reviews.  The rules are simple:  we will read an entire appellate decision, and boil it down to one easy to understand sentence.  Here we go!

Lockett v. Planned Parenthood (20 pages)

If you want to sue someone for providing your child medical services without your consent, you have to submit your claim to a medical review panel before filing suit.

Smith v. Foegley (21 pages)

A small-claims Court's factual decisions will be treated with great deference on appeal, but the small-claims Court's decision regarding attorney's fees must include some evidence about their reasonableness.

Ellis v. State (18 pages)

If you try to steal the same items twice in the same day, you can be charged and convicted twice, even if the prosecutor "gives (you) a mulligan on the first one" and you can get two and a half years for it.

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