One sentence case law review

It's time for another edition of the only blog post I ever find time to write...the one sentence case law review.  We read an entire opinion and boil it down to one easy-to-understand (hopefully) sentence.  Today's musical accompaniment is right here.

Masters v. Masters (10 pages)

If a Court is going to award attorney's fees, it has to be supported by a finding of fact, and the $95,000 award in this case was so supported.

In re Anonymous (4 pages)

An emergency petition and request for temporary restraining order must be served on adverse parties.

Tiplick v. State (18 pages)

The legislature can delegate its authority to the board of pharmacy to make new substances (like spice) illegal but the State must reference that board of pharmacy rule in the charging information when accusing someone of committing that crime.

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